Makaely Rois AFCA

Welcome to my art studio, "Savvy Seagull Fine Arts & Decor," located at 4124 Gulfview Drive, in Nanaimo. 

I am so happy to be a part of the Hammond Bay Studio Tour, and look forward to meeting you and sharing my creative pursuits which I hope you enjoy. 

- Please note my studio, unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible, there is a flight of stairs. Tea, coffee and a nut free sweet will be available by donation, and smoking is not permitted on the premises. Thank you!


     Between the pull to get out into nature, run and explore, and the pull to be in the studio passionately creating, Makaely Rios’ art work weaves its way into compositions, vividly influenced by the west coast landscape and its animal inhabitants.
     Excited and inspired by the beauty around her and the detailed complexity of even little things, her paintings rendered in both watercolor and acrylic, compel the viewer to take notice. Her use of light, color and strong composition holds the viewers interest by creating movement and lustre, which is seen to exist in a two dimensional piece.

     As a youth, Rois’ dad was a member of the Canadian air force. This meant a lot of moving and travel for the family across Canada and even to Europe. Throughout this time, having pets, a canine friend and even a horse gave her a place to enjoy their companionship in natural settings and provided that much desired tranquility in a rather transient family lifestyle.
     Serious artistic endeavors began at an early age by drawing pet portraits, and designing epaulettes for the service at the age of 12. She could always been seen creatively drawing, sewing, gardening and of course outdoors much of the time.

     Water, marine and “oceanscapes” hold personal favour for this artist, not only because it teams with life, but because of its compelling dynamics, and reflective properties, which make it both a challenging and rewarding subject to paint. Rois’ hand-created 3D sculptures and fine woodworks of convergent media not only uniquely push beyond the ordinary, but are conversation starters, evoking intrigue and emotion. They are sought after by collectors as useful and beautiful pieces for both home and office.

     As a young woman Rois settled in beautiful British Colombia which she felt offered the greatest opportunities for natural and nautical connections; this bond had been instilled through fishing and boating expeditions as a youth with her dad.

     Rois met her husband at the Vancouver racetrack where she worked as a groom. Together they raised four children. Most of those years were spent on acreage with a myriad of animals including many horses, and although there were many creative outlets for her, Rois didn’t start painting until 2002 when she was given a set a watercolors by her mom.

     From then on she was hooked on painting. As well, her natural ease with home design and carpentry skills passed along from her husband, made fine woodwork and furniture re-purposing imminent.
     Now a resident of Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island she has endless inspiration to draw from and create meaningful art. Working from her home she invites you to drop by her studio/ gallery, “Savvy Seagull Fine Art Studio” or even stay in her Bed&Breakfast, also available thru AIR B&B for a personal tranquil and artistically enriching experience!


Please contact Makaely for information about her artworks and studio tour at:

250-634-0510 or email 

-You can view more art at