Brenda Castonguay Photography

Brenda's award winning digital photographs are printed on a high gloss aluminum substrate.


She then delicately hand paints the detailed photograph with highly textured acrylic gel mediums to enhance the details to a seemingly three dimensional look and feel.


The viewer is invited to reach out and interact with the textures - art your are encouraged to touch!


Take a peek:

"Ripples" 20x38 B&W. Hand Painted Acrylic Gel Mediums: Water=Tar Gel, Sand=Iron Oxide.
"Ripples" 20x38 B&W. Hand Painted Acrylic Gel Mediums: Water=Tar Gel, Sand=Iron Oxide.


   As a baby, when I was placed in the sink to be bathed, it was often noted that I had an unusual fascination with the water running from the tap as I was washed. I would sit for long periods, exploring the look and feel of the water as it flowed all over my little fingers. I had a hunger for tactile experiences - I had to touch everything, ever so delicately, to truly “see”.

    I have since developed a visceral connection to all things natural and it has molded my creative instincts to the way I see. I am fascinated by the wealth of detail nature has provided for the human eye.

    After many years as a published professional photojournalist and an award winning self- employed portraitist, I am still focusing on the details.

   My canvas is tin, my photograph is the captured inspiration and the painting is the emotional connection that brings the concept together as one unit of exploration to be enjoyed with the slightest of touch. I invite you to enjoy the third dimension in my work as a child would…so please, go ahead and TOUCH IT!


Brenda Castonguay is an award winning photojournalist with over twenty years of professional photography experience. With an extensive background in photojournalism and fine art, Brenda Castonguay has specialized in black and white landscapes and photo journalistic infant portraiture.

Brenda’s passion for photojournalism caught fire in the early 90s while she was enrolled at Montreal's Dawson Institute of Photography for commercial photography studies.  At the time, Brenda was working a day job in a mini-lab, processing film. It was during that time that the infamous Oka Crisis was at its peak that Brenda got to know a group of elite photojournalists from around the world and under their encouragement, Brenda chose to pursue her education in photojournalism. Soon after, Brenda was accepted with advanced standing to Belleville Ontario's Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Sciences, and earned the Southam Publishing Scholarship for academic achievement in the first semester of studies.

Brenda’s career and love for travel ultimately took her across the country where she finally settled in Calgary, Alberta and decided to become self employed with options of freelance work in photojournalism. Brenda leveraged a small business loan offered through MCC's Start Up Program, now known as Momentum, and set up a portrait studio in the trendy community of Inglewood. For over thirteen years, Brenda’s studio was a staple in the Inglewood community where she catered to a diverse high end clientele, twice earning Calgary's Child Magazines acclaimed Parents Choice Award.

In recent years, Brenda has focused much of her practice on combining her past experience in art with her passion of photography by printing her images on high gloss metal, (dye sublimation transfer) then hand painting the textures and details with acrylic textured gel mediums, resulting in a highly detailed tactile experience of her stunning landscapes and macro florals. Art you encouraged to touch!

Now located in North Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, Brenda’s sole focus is

photographing / painting the tactile stunning natural beauty of her surroundings.


*Here are some snap shots of my guest book from my booth at The Filberg Festival 2014:

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