Robert Waddell

3603 Hammond Bay Road


Fine Furniture & Wood Artisan

- Art For Heart, Home or Office

In today's world where choice trumps quality, good design and durability, I endeavor to create meaningful "Art & Objets D’Art" for personal spaces. My standards of work are simple: unique design with fine execution, always created in an eco-friendly manner.


Striving for the highest quality of craftsmanship for the work that I produce, I endeavor to preserve nature in a meaningful way. In a way that reveals the beauty of the timber used, both literally and artistically. Although self taught, I have worked with, and been influenced by numerous gifted cabinetmakers.


As a professional cabinetmaker, I have specialized in creative challenges in the medium of wood for 35 years. I work in a modest, well appointed shop, perfecting my craft. The diversity of my work is broad, from designing & crafting, artistic works such as sculptures, objets d’art to unique custom furnishings. Rarely are two pieces of my work ever the same.


My hope is that my artistic work will move you, will inspire you, and that your appreciation for it runs as deep as my passion for creating it. My desire is to create Art pieces that will give you unexpected enjoyment everyday - a “Treat” for your eyes every time you enter the room they occupy.


So, find some Art that “ Moves You & Inspires You”, be it mine or someone else's and acquire it, guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.

I am known for these "Whimsical Hearts" - which are the perfect meaningful gift for any occasion. Each one of these lovely artistic pieces, go through a 19 step process from raw timber to finished Art.


I will have a generous selection of these available for the tour. These special Art pieces, really are "Art for the Heart".

This contemporary handmade chair will be on display during the Tour.


Made with "torsion box" construction, which has been covered with hand sliced, locally acquired, spalted/wormy birch veneer. The veneer was applied randomly, rather than sequentially, for effect.


The seating area of the chair is covered with authenticated, long hair "Piebald" Icelandic sheep skins.


I hope you are able to stop in during the tour to experience this unique contemporary chair. 

"Maple on the road to Pitcowdans"


This sculptural piece of Art is carved from a single block of Maple.

A number of these sculptural pieces will be show cased during the Open studio tour.

"Off the Wall" - shelving unit - made from a bent laminated & tapered Butternut post with "Old growth" - Vertical Grain Fir shelves cantilevered off the single post. The stores of mediocrity offer such bland choices for shelving units. This one, on the other hand, is as "Eye catching" as the personal Art pieces or portraits one may want to display on it.