Karin Schieber



Gold & Silversmith






My artistic journey, started in Germany in Gold and Silversmithing.

I trained for four and a half years under a German Master, and obtained my Diploma, followed by my enrollment into the Fachhochschule fuer Gestaltung (Art School) for three years.


After coming to Canada, I was offered a teaching position at George Brown College in Toronto, in their Jewellery Arts Program, where I taught in-depth Gold and Silversmithing techniques along with the creative aspects of this profession to 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. Wanting to do more of my own work, I left my teaching position, and opened my own studio.


All of my work is designed by myself and hand crafted. It gives me great satisfaction to see my inner creative vision become an outer visible reality, by transforming a piece of precious metal into something beautiful, creating much joy and pleasure for the people who own and wear them, as well as for myself, in the process.

Artist Statement


Nature with its never ending textures, shapes and colors and art in general provide me with inspiration for all my pieces of jewellery. What story can be told through metal, what can be made from formless to form expressed by hands. I have always been drawn to work with my hands and found that transforming metal and other "raw" materials through many different techniques such as chasing, forging etc. into a beautiful piece of jewelry gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction.


Most of the pieces I create come together as an inspiration, first as an image in my mind, as an actual sketch, or as a drawing as a starting point.

In the end, every new creation expresses itself from the inside out; elements finding and complementing each other in perfect harmony and synergy.


An interesting stone, an intriguing texture, a unique piece of wood, or any other material speaking to me might shape and form and be an integral part in any of my pieces. The creative process is a deeply joyful and satisfying experience which I hope to pass on to the person wearing it and appreciating it as much as I enjoyed making it. All of my jewellery pieces are one of a kind handcrafted creations.


Thank you for your interest in my work!