Pottery & Felting



I discovered my passion for felt in 2010 while on a visit to Germany and participating in a felt class my girlfriend was teaching, (Diploma "Master of Felt").

Since then, she visited me every summer for several weeks and together we discovered all kinds of techniques to create "wearable art".


It is a fascinating process to watch the raw wool and silk, combined with Chiffon, turning into delicate and attractive piece of art - or a hat, a handbag or a wall hanging piece. There are endless variations to be creative to form flowers, vessels and even animals. You will find shawls, hats, flowers, jackets and more in my studio. I import all my materials from Germany to provide my customers with the best quality.


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Are running from February to June and September to December

every Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30

the space is limited to 6 students

Felt classes are held on demand. Everybody is welcome! Please ask for
availability - space is limited to 4 students.