Katherine Moore

Strange Bird Studio - Curious & Eclectic Fused Glass Art, Dishes and Ornaments.


(2018 Guest Artist at: Karin Schieber's Studio)


Artist Statement


“My glass work is a snapshot in time, the mist hanging over trees, a small bird that has come to rest on a branch, what ever has caught my attention in the moment when I am out with my camera, from there I use my photos to create the sketches that are then transferred to my glass work.”





Katherine Moore has worked with glass for 20 years, she started first in stained glass in 1998 and in 2006 she was introduced to fused glass while working in a commercial stained glass shop. In 2009 Katherine had the opportunity to take a week long course with well known glass artist Bob Leatherbarrow, his work with powdered glass had a big impact on the direction her own work took, she continued to work in both stained glass and fused glass until she left the glass shop in 2012 to pursue working full time in her home studio. Now Katherine works from her photography to create sketches that are transferred on to fusible glass, by layering crushed glass and firing those layers multiple times she creates images of local landscapes and wild life.