Rodica Frunze - Jewelry Artist

Guest artist at: 5769 Alder Way


Rodi is an internationally recognized metal clay artist who also integrates traditional metal work into her unique designs. With a number of awards under her belt, she was the winner of the #1 international jewelry design competition: Saul Bell Design Award 2016 for her metal clay work

The Saul Bell Design Award is a chance for jewelers to reach for greater heights of skill and knowledge.To conceive and execute a career-defining design. To break free from constraints, expectations and precedents. To accept the challenge of a lifetime—and to be recognized around the world for excellence in jewelry design


 The Saul Bell Design Award—Recognizing distinction in jewelry design.

View the 2016 winners: HERE

Rodica's interpretive designs are based on the human experience inspired by the many years working as a Psychiatrist. Through her works, she continues her life long passion for observing the correlation between physiology and emotions.


Recognizing the health benefits associated with the practice of a craft, she shares her technical skills through teaching metal clay. She holds workshops locally here in Nanaimo and internationally as an invited artist. 


- "I would so love to meet you and discuss my works. This studio tour is such a wonderful opportunity to meet some amazingly talented creators. If you cannot make the dates, you are most welcome to contact me from my website:" - Rodi