Lois Ireland - Ceramics

Guest artist at: 3965 Hammond Bay Road

Born in Montreal, Lois obtained a BSc from Concordia University. She then quit her day job as a computer programmer to play with clay. Her love of cooking and food presentation have directed her clay creations. Functional fine craft is her definition of her work and an appreciation of fine craft her focus. She pursued clay knowledge wherever she could find finally going back to school full time at John Abbott College to obtain a diploma in Ceramic Technology.

       Lois Ireland's work covers many fields low fire tiles she decorates, mid range porcelain that is very painterly and her real love - high fired reduction pots. These pots are fired in a kiln that is big enough to walk into and she brought the bricks all the way from Ottawa - half a moving van to move a studio and a life in 1996!
       She uses hand-buildng to create plates , platters and bowls from molds she creates from wood or plaster. The pieces are often embellished with impressions or castings from objects found in nature. Her wheel thrown work is often altered when the soft clay is still on the wheel to create a sense of liveliness. She loves the delicacy of porcelain and the robustness of stoneware to create the quality needed for each particular piece.

       Glaze quality is very important to Lois. She fires in both electric and gas kilns because each method brings it's own qualities to the finished product. Gazes are her own creations, or adaptions of traditional oriental formulas. Lois has spent over 40 years perfecting her techniques to achieve the results she desires.
       Lois's latest exploration in clay are pots to use on top of the stove ! She attended a workshop at Cook On Clay in Coupeville this summer and is now testing the first results - new pots to be released in 2017 !