The Hammond Bay Studio Tour is an annual event that

is the first and only open studio tour in Nanaimo, hosted

by studio artists and artisans who represent

a wide range of 2 and 3 dimensional work. 

This is an opportunity to not only see vivacious incredible artworks,

its also a chance to meet several Hammond Bay, Nanaimo artists, right in their own studio.


Find out from us first hand, why we do what we do.

Discover what inspires us,

how we create our vision and get a sense of how important a role you play in not only our creations,

but also in the celebration of our art, which nurtures the soul.


We create our art to share. It expresses happy times,

connections with people, places, memories and moods.


Several studios are able to include select guest artists.

We do this to support our creative colleagues and to ensure you enjoy

a fresh and varied experience each year.


Weather permitting, some of us will be creating outdoors, in garden settings.

Some studios on The Hammond Bay Studio Tour have stunning

ocean views and all studios

will welcome you to indulge our hospitality.


Over the years, it has been an absolute pleasure to meet

and share our passion with both Vancouver Island residents

and vacationing visitors.


We are really looking forward to another year and invite

you and your dearest

to enjoy the tour's display of incredible artistic talent

along beautiful Hammond Bay Road and area!


Just follow the STUDIO TOUR MAP http://goo.gl/Unw5qy

and look for the signage and arrows to guide you.

Each studio will be displaying RED BALLOONS marking each stop along the tour.



 See you on this year's tour!

May 26 & May 27, 10am - 4pm

 Enjoy a beverage and get a SNEAK PEEK of the art

you'll discover during the 2018 TOUR

Stop into

Serious Coffee, 6357 Hammond Bay Rd.

Starting May 7th, 2018!